Her name is Rey Nichole and she is a life blogger. Rey describes herself as “A city girl who dares to dream.” Rey was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Her blog is titled “I Am Rey”, which stems from a previous idea she had while living in Cairo, Egypt to create a women’s empowerment class for women who felt that they were at a turning point in their lives.. She had a 3 bed room apartment which she shared with her friend Mandy Banda from Malawi. At the time, they were considering turning the other room into a classroom. Rey was already private tutoring Egyptian Natives in Conversational English and many of them had questions about every day life and…

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Gemar was raised in northeast Baltimore, where he attended Baltimore City College High School. He received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Salisbury University in 2007 and his law degree from American University Washington College of Law in 2011. He is currently a Managing Attorney at the Universal Title office in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Gemar credits much of his success to his Baltimore upbringing. “Growing up in Baltimore, I developed a mental toughness and relentlessness that made me feel that I could conquer any challenge placed in front of me. This tenacious mindset continues to be the driving force behind all of my endeavors.” Gemar also credits his success to his family and friends. “From an early age, I…

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