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As our time in Nairobi came to an end, it would have been wise to stay in for the evening and prepare for the next morning right? Yes, but this was Nairobi, and if you thought New Yorkers could go all night, take a trip to Kenya! After a night out with the locals, I went back to the apartment after 2 a.m. and finished packing my things. I knew I could probably catch a quick hour or so nap before our driver Patrick would be outside waiting. Before I could even lay down he was texting to say he was downstairs. We headed out and were off to catch the flight to Mombasa. Walking off of the plane the…

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Back in April 2015 when a deal appeared on Jet Airways (operated by Etihad Airways) for an amazing $414.00 from New York to Nairobi, Kenya I knew that this opportunity couldn’t be passed up. Having already planned trips for most of the year, 2016 was the only option. My friends and I decided that February would be the best time to go and tickets were quickly booked. I had no idea that $414 would turn into one of the most priceless experiences ever. When the day came, we were off to New York to prepare for a long flight to Abu Dhabi before heading to Nairobi. Once we safely landed in Abu Dhabi for a 14 hour layover, we checked…

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