BEYOND BMORE serves as a platform for showcasing both the domestic and international travel that myself and others have been fortunate to experience. It also highlights the ways in which countless individuals from Baltimore, Maryland are excelling in their education, profession and everyday lives.

Being born and raised in Baltimore can be a gift and/or curse. From the moment one exits the womb, the fight to survive immediately begins. Quality education, a safe and stable living environment, resources for healthy lifestyles and sufficient sources of income are just a few of the requirements to enable a good, long life. These entities however, are certainly not guaranteed. If the parent(s) of these innocent, newborn individuals are lacking any of these means, their lives will never be “normal”.

Those determined to beat the odds however, develop a mind filled with the will to fight and negate the assumptions of how we think, act and invest in ourselves and our communities. This is the BEYOND mindset. The resilience to see life BEYOND the dangerous crime ridden streets of home; the tenacity to break down the physical and mental walls of negativity, doubt and rejection; the courage to go BEYOND the borders intended to keep us within and the strength to live BEYOND the stereotypes considered to be the norm of a young boy, girl, man or woman brought up in one of America’s most notorious cities. BEYOND BMORE is a movement, a lifestyle and mentality. Are you apart? GET ONBOARD!